Yesterday came out the new Hardfitness-online magazine, where is an interview about me, my past and future plans as an fitness competitor. Check it out from hardfitness.com!

I added here a couple of photos from the hardfitness photoshooting from Columbus Ohio.

This week I did everything as usual, weight training, gymnastic and little bit of cardio as well. Tomorrow I have another work trip to Japan. So i’ll go to the spa, 100 yen shop, after training and relaxing, that’s the plan.

Yesterday was my birthday, one more year again…time goes so fast. I did nothing special, it was a normal day in Minnas training life. I did went to massage to get my shoulders open, they are so thight that a massage and stretching now and then is something that I have to do, that’s the only way to get hands together behind the back:)

I’m really looking forward for the next week, I’ll meet Jari Mentula(IFBB Pro) and Matti Halonen, who are my coaches, and I’ll get my diet program!


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