Leg day…

Week has gone as usual, training, working, training…and watching ice-hockey World Championships, Go Finland !

Last weekend I was in New York, which was a great worktrip:) I found amazing shoes by Steve Madden, with bling bling offcourse.

I also bought lots of different new body-magazines to get more motivation, like Flex, MD, Oxygen:)

I met my coaches and it was planned to start my prep for the fall next week, but the schedule has change a bit so I’ll still continue the normal season. I’m so ready to start the prep, can’t wait!

I had my gymnastic lesson with Petja and I have learned some new tricks for the next routine:) I also found new music for the routine, so now I just have to meet the dj.

Today I trained legs. First some smith-squats (from the bottom) 50-80kg, Hack-squat (from the bottom) 100kg, vertical leg press 230kg, then leg extensions and different leg curls and finally calves.

I usually do 3-5 sets and the reps are between 8-15.

Now it is time for sauna and getting ready for tomorrows work.


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