weddings, cabriolet and hard training!

It is allmost midsummer, and my time goes in work and training.

Next month a good friend of mine is going to get married, so one big party to wait for before my diet finally starts.

Couple of weeks ago we had the hen party. The day was  full of program and we had a blast:). We did some dance classes,  judo training and spent a night in sauna by the lake doing all the finnish bridal traditions.

Last week I met my BG-Team coaches Jari and Matti and did some planning for the new bikini with Biancaneve. Trained new things for the routine with Petja and had a hard training week in the gym.I’m pleased with my strenght level, wich is now better than I had during the last off-season. Here is some examples from the last weeks training;

bench press: 3 x 90kg, 8 x 80kg

military press behind the neck:8 x 50kg  5-6 x60kg

dead lift from the knee: 5 x 130kg.

At the moment I don’t do cardio except for the new routine practise.

The supplements that I use at the moment are Mass l-glutamine, Mass leucine, alpa-lipoic acid, Mass recovery, Mass whey, Mass omega3, Animal pak, MET-Rx Amped. When I start diet there is going to be some addinngs for the supplement list, like CLA and  fat-burners.

Last week we bought a new car:) It is a cabriolet so now I’m waiting for the sunny days to come…


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