Woman on a mission!

It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote here.

I  started my diet on monday and the metabolism is starting to wake up again:)

About the diet; I’ll do five morning cardios, five to six weight trainings and couple of routine practise during one week.

The start is always hard, you are always hungry and you sweatting is unbelievable…but when you start to see the results that the hard work gives you it gives the motivation to push you beyond the limits.

Yesterday I got my nutritions from Mass.fi, for the diet.

In the morning, before cardio training I take these supplements:

In addition to these I take one animal pak

Training is hard and I don’t keep any light weeks during contest prep. That’s why it is really important to get enough supplements, vitamins and products that helps my body to recover, like L-glutamin and beta alanine.

During the diet I’ll meet my coaches every three weeks, to check that we are on time.

Last weekend there was Jr. Nationals where was lots of great and amazing girls. Autumn Edwards who competed with me in the Arnold amateur this year won her class and also the fitness overall title.

She earned her pro-card now, so hopefully we meet soon on stage again with her:)

Now to the gym to train legs…the mission is on!


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