It’s getting HOT in here…

The weather has been really hot and the temperature has been around +35 degrees. In Finland it has been 76 years since it has been so hot. All the fans are sold out and we don’t have air conditioner in our house, so you can just imagine the tropical heat that we have in Nokia now:)

Last time when I was on a diet I did my morning cardio in -25, so now the conditions are quite the opposite:)

The diet has started well, so now we just continue the same way. Next week I’ll meet my coaches so let’s then see if there is some changes.

Everyday is allmost the same in my diet life. I’ll eat exact the same food, do my gym training and cardio. But I love routines, that’s why it is so easy to be on a diet, almost everything is in great order and allready planned.

I have my first minute done for my routine music, so soon I have to start coreographing it, that would be nice:)

Today I booked our hotel for the Olympia Weekend. It is only ten weeks to go, so looking forward for that. It is about halfway of my diet aswell, so the weekend will give great motivation for the last weeks. And we’ll be training in the Gold’s Gym, offcourse:)

Now getting ready for the gym. Chest-training is waiting…


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