Hello, Good morning…

Last week I had a condition check with my coaches. Everything is going as it should, so we did just some minor changes for the diet.

This is now my 4th diet-week and i’m feeling hungry all the time, well that’s good:)

Saturday I did my training in the Bullfarm, after I came from a flight from Osaka Japan. I trained arms and it went pretty well concerning the circumstances. Here is a clip of my arm-training from this february, I do a lot of different moves, super sets and I really try to get the ultimate pump into my muscles. You can find more videos of my training from the Body-lehti sites videos.

I’ll add some new videos here when the competitions are closer and my conditiong is leaner

Sunday was shoulder day and yesterday I trained back.

Once a week I have this multitraining day when I do cardio, weight-training and really hard gymnastic-training with my coach. Well that day was yesterday. This morning the whole body felt really sore. Now I probably have to add massage into my monthly program again.

Before I posted here the supplements that I take in the morning. Before training I take Mass Pump or MET-Rx Amped:

There has been some big news in the fitness industry, Mia Finnegan did her comeback last weekend and Tracey Greenwood ended her amazing career.

Next pro fitness competition is going to be Europa Supershow in Dallas, Texas. Last qualification for this years Olympia, so very interesting to see who gets the last invitations.

Here is my training song for this week, T.I’s new Hello good morning:)


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