Power Club Loviisa, Gold’s Gym New York

Last week I visited for the first time in Gold’s gym, New York during my one day work trip there. Gym was quite near my hotel, thought I took a cab just in case, and the equipment really good.I trained chest there but I also did some hamstring/glutes exercise. In the US those hamstring equipment are so effective, wish that we could some day have those here in Tampere too:)

While having a flight to New York we have about 24 hours there in the Manhattan, so I’ll have to be really organized if I want to train couple of times there, do shopping:) and also just enjoy the Broadway atmosphere.

I have to admit that I probably have somekind of shoppaholic in me when I’ll get there, even thought I try not to spend so much…no chance:)

I love to buy magazines and that is my one tradition there to take home new Flex, MD and off course the gossip magazines…

Last weekend Body fitness competitor Marie Silmäri opened her own gym in Loviisa and she asked me to visit in the opening. It was great to see girls who are getting ready for their first competitions and talk to their training and other preparations, and the gym looked great. Congrats to Marie once again!

In the opening there was also Ari Kokkonen who is making his comeback in Bodybuilding and Amin Asikainen, finnish professional boxer, who has won for example the European championship title in the middle class.

Last week I had lots of work, and offcourse the usual training, so didn’t have much time to rest or do anything at home. So yesterday when I came from Japan flight I was totally exchausted and just laid in the bed and watched the newets episode of lovely Kendra.

Now there is only one month until my summer vacation starts, and I’m so looking forward for that and also for the training week in the US:)

Today I’ll have the train, train and train day:) Just did the morning cardio, soon to the gymnastics and then to the gym to train back. Luckily I have massage planned for this week:)

Here is a photo of me and Amin from the Power club-opening, and offcourse the common boxer posing:)


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