Bench press and routine-day

It’s allready september and the fall has arrived to Finland. I have to say that I love the darkening evenings and the chilly mornings.It was so great  to do cardio this morning when sun was shining and the air was fresh.

My weeks have gone with the same routine, work and training. Diet has gone well and body is getting leaner. As usual I have seen my coaches, Jari and Matti quite often and during these weeks there has been some changes in the amount of carbs and cardio. But the best is still ahead when I leave the carbs away and increase the cardio and HIIT training, then I can really say that I’m on a diet:)

Today I did some routine practise with Petja, who is amazing coach in gymnastics.I have learned some movements with him that I could never even think that I could do. I have always been quite tenderfoot in akrobatics so it is great to learn new things and go beyond own limits.

In the gym I trained chest, and today was the day when I did my record lift in the bench press 1 x100kg!!!

I’ll try it again on next week and take a camera with me, so I can add a video here:)

It has been somekind of a goal in my bench press training so it felt nice to get it finally up.

Next week it is time to start my summer vacation!Finally:) I have had lots of work during this summer so it’s nice to get some free from the work. And concentrate totally into Fitness. First week I’ll stay at home but then LA and Las Vegas are calling:)

This weekend I’ll be at Oulu. There is going to be the qualification competition for this years Finnish nationals and World Championships. Best of luck for all the competitors, great to see you all there!


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