Fitness Expo and 5 weeks out!

Last weekend we had the Fitness Expo weekend in Helsinki.

Couple of days full of bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting and strongman competitions:) It was a great event and the Finlandia-house was really good place for the event. It was nice to meet all the people from this sport and work in our MN-booth. Thanks for all who stopped by!

Congratulations to our MN-team competitors, Minna, Markus and Rami! Great job!!!

My routine is now done and allmost ready for the show. The music was made by dj Markus Syrjänen and the result is great, can’t wait to perform that:)

Next week I’ll practise routine with Petja, go and try my competition suits in Biancaneve and train hard, that’s the plan:) One trip to Japan and weekend in Helsinki, where is going to be The Nordic Championships of bodybuilding and fitness.

On sunday I’ll be at the fitness camp in Kerava Power center. Hope to see you there:)

Here is a couple of pictures , the first one is from 10 weeks out and the second one from 5 weeks out. Progress is going on…:)



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