No easy way out…

now the pro-debut is done and the feeling is ok. it would have been great to get a better final result than 14th,but my road has allways been a rocky one so it is the same thing now, there is no easy way out. the game has just started!

we flew to ft.lauderdale on tuesday and the first 3 days we stayed in a hotel called ramada beach resort, which had a kitchen. I ate carbs only two days prio the contest, but when i had been in no carb diet quite many weeks the feeling was really tired when carbs came into the diet. wed and thu we trained in crunch gym in miami beach, did some shopping but mostly i just layed down in the room cause it was quite hot in the outside. friday we had the competitors meeting at the hillton marina which was our hotel during the weekend as well. Saturday morning was the pre-judging at 9.30am. I really enjoyed being on the stage, and I got 3rd callout in the morning and 2nd callout in the finals so it went ok, thought it could have gone better…well maybe next time. the finals started at 6.30pm straight with our was quite a long time to wait and just to hang out in the hotel room, but finally it was time to get the show started. I competed with the number 14, and while watching other girls routines it was good time to get to know the other girls and i got some new friends there:).

here is some pics from the contest weekend and getting ready for the stage:

after the show we went to eat at carlos and pepes and the food was great!! sunday was the official shopping day and we drove to the Dolphin mall in Miami. on monday morning we flew to jfk and it was shopping day number two in manhattan, new york:)

now we are back home and I’m ready to start the training life again. we have made some plans and analyzed the contest and what i need to do to get a better result next time:)

this song tells about the feeling after the contest that didn’t gave you what you aim for…No easy way out!


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