Train insane or…

My days and weeks go now quite the same. morning cardio, training, some more cardio:)I met my coach Jari couple of weeks ago and started the low carb diet, as planned, and at the same time I added the amount of cardio.

 Here in Finland the weather is really cold and tomorrow morning there should be -27 degrees. I usually do my morning cardio so that I jog to the gym and continue the cardio there, so I’ll do about 20 minutes of it outside. My training goes so that I do 5 gym trainings a week and after those some HIIT-training.

I have had quite a lot of weekend workdays this month and it looks like it is going to stay the same during march. Next week I should wrap up the routine and go and check out the outfits in Biancaneve.

Then about the supplements, it is really essential now to get the best possible products to recover my body from the hard training and diet. MassNutrition has all that I need to get in the contest shape:)because I’m now on a low carb diet my recovery drink consists Mass Iso-whey, Casein, Mass glutamin and Mass Leucine. In the morning Animal Pak, green tea, L-carnitine, Tonalin CLA, Efa, Mass Ala. Before bedtime I take glutamin ,leucine, arginine-ornithine and SomatocriMX.Sci-Mx 17-T Somatocri-MXAnimal PakMASS ALA XTREME

Our dog,Mimi is probably expecting babys so we are really looking forward for the new comers. If they born it would happen before the FIBO pro-show, so we’ll need somebody to take care them while we are gone.

Yesterday I spent couple of hours in the web and did some online shopping…my money spending allways increases when I’m on a diet.

Today I trained legs and have found a new movement which I haven’t done before, front squad. That’s really good for the glutes and quads. Tomorrow it is shoulder day and after the HIIT I go to massage. Marko Panu is the man!

In addition to my own contest prep I have started to coach couple of new competitors that will compete in this spring, so exciting to see them evolving:) Our team is called Pro Elite Team, P.E.T.

So during this fall I have plenty of things to do, which is good so I don’t have so much time to hang around in the web and do online shopping… has new great attitude shirts for the gym!  So train insane or remain the same!


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