Train, eat, sleep…and shop till ya drop!

 I was one night at New York and came home this morning. I spent the day by doing some cardio and plenty of shopping… but that is cardio aswell isn’t it:)  carrying those big shopping bags all over Manhattan is quite good way to burn fat:)

I first planned that I would have been in Columbus Ohio where the Arnold classic took place, but this year I had to be at work, let’s see how it goes next year…:)

It was really exciting to see the scorecards and pics of profitness. All the girls did amazing job as usual!

I got my bikinis last week from Biancaneve and I’m really looking forward to wear them in the FIBO pro fitness show!

Today I trained allmost right after the flight and now it is time to read the new Body-magazine and MD.

Now when the diet is as intensive as it can be I like to be on the move or doing something all the time. Next week schedule is allready planned and my day starts at 7 am.

Have a great sunday evening and get ready to start the new week by training even harder!!!


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