3 weeks out…Body heats up!

 During last weeks I have worked as a midwife for my dog, trained, did routine at hard floor and also got through a nasty flu that bothered me quite a long time. This week it rise the fever up so that was probably the thing that kill the bug:)hopefully…Now almost everyone is sick in Finland, stomach flu, fever or something else.

My condition is now almost ready, like the routine and everything else so couple of days in bed gives the body good time to rest and recover from the hard weeks.

When you get sick during a diet it is important that you recover quite fast. I add my glutamin, d- and c-vitamin intake always when I feel like that I’m getting flu. MassNutrition remembered me these week and send the first aid to flu and also to fatburning, recovering and muscle crowing: Mass Whey-protein, Dymatize casein, Cla, Mass ala, Mass omega3, green tea and Gaspari Superpump. Now I’m so ready to start the countdown to the show…

We had some guests from Lahti, Heidi and Jari Sorsa came to visit us. Heidi is part of the Pro Elite team and getting ready to make some damage during this spring:) The first goal is Fitness Classic in Kulttuuritalo 23.4 and Heidi is ready to rumbble!

Here is a pic of us at Nokian liikuntakeskus in our new team wear:)

So my dog got some puppies last week, now they are eating all the time to get bigger, like their mother:)

Next week is time to make the last changes into the music, meet my coach Jari, train routine, cardio and gym and the week ends into a photoshoot, so nice week ahead:)

Without forgetting the bling bling Urbanlux remembered me with the cutest high heels  from friis and co and Ed Hardy training shirt:


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