2 weeks out!

So now it is two weeks to the showtime:) Next week is the last hard training week, then it is time to give the body some rest and lighter training. We are going to check the last days changes with Jari and then everything is almost ready:)

Today I had a photoshoot with Mike Siren from pakkotoisto.com. He takes really great pics, so looking forward to see the result.

Thanks for the Ballerina ja Liikunta  for the ”ballerina” look:)

The store is at the city centre of Tampere and you can find everything that is part of the dancing world from there.www.ballerinajaliikunta.net

Here is a few pics from training and from the ”backstage”of the photoshoots:

The idea for the pics came from the movie Black Swan, which is my favorite. The whole story is touching and you can really find some parts where you can identify with the role. It is a story of a dancer, dedication and a dream to be perfect…and remember…the only person standing in your way is you…so Dream on!


One thought on “2 weeks out!

  1. Beautifull photos and I agree with your opinions of Black swan. That was very touching and dramatic movie. Good luck to your next showtime! I dream bigger muscles so I can step third time into bodyfitness stage! Sorry about my bad englis, but I wanted to write in english because your blog is written by english….

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