When the going gets touch…

3 weeks for the showtime:)…Now the flights are booked and my summer vacation starts after couple of weeks. I still have few long-distance flights to the East before that.

My diet has gone well and this monday Jari made the last changes into it. Now I can really say that I’m on a diet…well only 3 weeks to go and I can do it! I have added once again stair running into my training and that is so effective, just love the feeling after that:) At the moment I do 5 weight-trainings a week, 6 morning cardios, 4-5 after the training cardios and then routine practise, so I’m quite busy:)

This weekend is going to be the IFBB european championships in Tuyemen, Siberia. Our Pro Elite team athlete Heidi Sorsa competes there, so exciting to hear the news from there. Good luck for the whole Finnish team in Siberia, we have our fingers crossed for you!!

Here is a backstage pic from Finlands’ Fitness Classic. Me and my chicas:)


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