8 Days and counting…

This week has been hard but same time full of great things:) Good friend of mine, Noora Kuusivuori came to visit Finland from the States. She competes in figure and is getting ready for the USA’s now. We trained together this week and it was so great to have training partner for a change.                                        

 The weather has been really warm in Finland which is good, cause in Toronto it is going to bet hot! This week I did work trip to Japan, trained routine with Petja, met my coach Jari Mentula, trained in the gym with Noora and Kimmo, did cardio, went to lpg-treatment and had a photoshoot with Biancaneve.  My life is full of great people and I’m really gratefull to have them:)  Tomorrow It is time to train some cardio and gym and then Marko Panu’s massage waits for me:) I’m really looking for the next week. We”ll fly to Toronto in the beginning of the week and we have awesome team from Finland! My show is going to be on friday, so 8 days for the show-time…Great to meet all the fitness girls and be on stage again and cheer for Jari!

I’ll keep you posted:)


One thought on “8 Days and counting…

  1. Mina=Beauty+Muscle.
    Such a great physique you have Mina…Keep training harder and harder … You have to place better in competitions cause you deserve better … We love you and waiting to hear good news from you.
    Good Wishes for you from Iran.

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