Journey to Toronto pro fitness

 Our journey to Toronto pro started on tuesday. On monday I did light training in the gym and the last routine practise. Tuesday morning started with the morning cardio and then I headed to Prime hair to get my hair done for the show. Let’s see how the curls stay on for a 3 days:) That’s the plan. Our flight went smoothly and when we arrived to Toronto there was a finnish schaffeur waiting for us:)

We drowe ”directly” to the wholefoods and after that to our hotel. On wednesday morning me and Olli went to do some cardio in the nearby gym, Yonge street fitness club. In the evening it was time to check the condition with Jari and train in the gym.

Today I’ll only do some light cardio and extra stretching. In the evening it is time to get the tanning with Jan Tana.

Kimmo ate Chinese take away and in the restaurant they gave me a fortune cookie…Be carefull what you wish for- You just might get it!

Tomorrow morning we have the athlete meeting at 9am. pre-judging starts at 1.30pm. and the finals at 6.30pm. I’ll try to add some pics as soon as I’m at the hotel.

Tomorrow our finnish team is on fire…And We are ready to rock the stage!


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