Toronto pro fitness, 7th place!!!

In the morning we had the athlete meeting where you give out the music and get your contest number. I competed with the number 56, between Mindi O’brien and Kristina Rojas. It was great to compete in the same stage with Mindi who I have been watching from the magazines allready over 10 years ago. She is amazing! Here is pics from the meeting:

in the first pic:Bob Cicherillo,always a great host, Jim Rockell, our head judge, John Hnatyschak, former World champion in bodybuilding and one of our judges and Ron Hache, the promoter of the show

The show started with the women’s pre-judging which was in the expo stage, here is a video of the pre-judging: PBeFcbo1m8Q

After the pre-judging we went back to the hotel to get ready for the finals. John Bassett theater was a great place for the show. Finals started with fitness routines and after that was men’s bb pre-judging. My routine went well and I really enjoyed to perform that. The feeling in the back-stage was great and it was nice to meet some new faces aswell as the girls that I have met before. Here is some pics from the back-stage:

After the routines it was the final comparisons. I placed 7th of the 14 girls. The contest was tight and all the girls did amazing job on stage. Toronto pro show was a great show and I really had a blast there.

After my show it was time to cheer for Jari who was in great shape and looked ripped on stage:)

On saturday we visited in the CN-tower and then headed to see the men’s finals. On sunday we drowe to see the Niagara falls. The whole trip to Toronto was great! Special thanks goes to our Finnish team: Olli Suominen, Jari Mentula, Samuli Koutajoki and Kimmo Rautio. Let’s do this soon again!

Now it is time to take little bit easier, lower the amount of cardio and add carbs to get the metabolism work again. Now I have to especially concentrate into my physique and do the training plan for that.  MassNutrition makes sure that I get all the needed supplements for that. Now the main thing is protein, glutamin,leucine, aminoacids, multivitamins and omega3. Quite many pros (for example:Adela Garcia, Camala Rodriquez…)has been asking about my suits and they are made by Biancaneve. Thanks to the Biancaneve girls again! You’ll find more info at

Have a great mid-summer weekend, I’ll be at work…


2 thoughts on “Toronto pro fitness, 7th place!!!

  1. Congratulations on placing 7th against such tough competition Minna!
    It looks like you had a fantastic time there too.
    Keep training hard from all your fans in australia.

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