Making some changes…so LOOK out!

now the body shows its signs that it has recover from the competition-season.At the moment  I train 4-5 times a week in the gym and then once in the gymnastic hall. No cardio and the carbs are back. The years have shown that I get my best condition after a good off-season, and now it is time to keep that.

We decided to change my leg-training back to heavy weights, that just work better for me. Last week my leg-training looked like this:

smith-squat from the bottom 5x 6-15, two last sets with drop series weights 40-100kg

leg-presses 5x 8-15, changing the leg positions, also using drop sets, weights 100-300kg

hack-squat from the bottom 5×5-15, using drop-sets, weights 50-100kg

leg extensions 3×12-15

then supersets for the hamstrings: leg curl 3×10-12, straight leg deadlift 3×10-12, glutes machine 3×15

and then different angles for the calves, using stretching and drop-sets.

After this workout my legs were in pain over 10 days, and during the training the whole muscle pressure was gone. So now it is time to get it back!

Thought now the next two weeks I have to train really light, because I’m just returning back home from the surgery…

Last week I met Jari Mentula, my coach and now it is time to do some changes into the meal-plan. My next diet starts at the end of this year, so now I have 3-4months time to get the body loaded and ready for the diet of my life!




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