IFBB National judge

Last year I did my test judging in our national competitions and this fall I’m going to be judging for real:)

Couple of weeks ago we had IFBB judging and technical seminar in Finland, which was held by Pawel Filleborn who is the chairman of the judges committee. The day was full of important knowledge and really motivate me as an judge but also as an competitor. Pawel was professional and good speaker and gave us really good point of views recarding our judging.  Pawel arranges also training seminars and I think it would be great to participate that as well. Like he said:  winner does’nt have a weak point, and that is something that we competitors try to concentrate all our career, to develop our weak points so that one day they won’t be that any more.

So next month the competition-season starts in Finland.  The main event is called MassNutrition body and fitness and it held in october. So you’ll find me in our MN-booth then!

Yesterday I met our Pro Elite competitor Suvi Iso-Kuusela, who will be competing in the Bikini Fitness-category. Bikini is new add for the competitions and it is really exciting to see all the girls competing there, so looking forward for this category:)

Me and Kimmo give also posing and T-walk practise for the competitors and all of them look so good! Good work girls!

Then about my training…like I said earlier I had an operation 3 weeks ago and the trainig has been,well…I really could ask has there been any training? The first 2 weeks were a missery…Now when the body starts to be ready again I’m so happy to go to the gym again, so don’t wonder why I smile while pumping:)It probably did really good for the body to be out of the gym for a while. thought I wasn’t completely out of the gym, I was there to help my team to train.

Jari did a new off-season diet for me and It has felt good, thought in the weekends I still allow myself to have a cheats days, but only for this month, then it is time to press the ON- button again:)

It is allready august but the weather in Finland is so warm…so enjoy the summer and train MASSively  hard!!!


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