Training, coaching and flying!

Last weekend we met our Pro Elite-team members Heidi and Jari Sorsa. Heidi is soon starting her prep for her pro debut and Jari for the nationals. On sunday we met lots of girls who are getting ready for this fall and next spring competitions. In the evening I checked one fitness routine and one Bodybuilding routine. Weekend was busy but really great, when you do something you love you don’t even notice the time, it flies:)

Yesterday it was time to go to a hairdresser to dye my hair. I’m so  happy that I have found a good place where I can just go and trust their work. Umppu is such professional:) Thanks to Prime Hair !!!

My training is going great. Last week I started the gymnastics again and at first I thought that I couln’t  do all the things there yet but luckily I was wrong. I have recovered totally allready which feels great! Now I’m so looking forward to start the diet and see my new physique on stage.

 I had the the operation done by The Look and I have been really pleased for the result!

The off-season is almost over and next week it is time to clean up and add cardio in the training program.

About my supplements, at the moment I use Mass recovery, Mass Isowhey, L-glutamin, leucine, Animal pak, Omega3, Mass pump, Mass creatine and Mass Beta alanine. Next week it is time to add Cla, Green tea and L-carnitine to boost up the metabolism.

Tomorrow I fly to NY, shopping and training and then few hours of sleep and back to home. NY is my favorite destination for the layover:) But before that I’ll train legs and check out the training of our new team member, she’ll compete in the next years bikini:)



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