Is this physique…Physique?

Last week I have been on a summer vacation:) I have enjoyed the free time at home, trained, met my friends and planned for the uppcoming contest season. Couple of weeks ago I was judging Finnish qualification contest for the nationals and this weekend we’ll be at Lappeenranta. After this weekend we know the Finnish team for the World championships and the line up looks really good. We have one competitor there who represents Pro Elite Team in the new division, Bikinifitness. Suvi Iso-Kuusela looks great and is ready for the show, I’m so excited to see her on the stage…exciting:)

Last weekend we spent the weekend by looking Olympia live show. The fitness routines were amazing and it was so great to see Phil Heath win his first Olympia. This year we decided to skip Las vegas, but next year we’ll be there again.

This week I had a meeting with Jari Mentula, my coach and we made some new plans for the diet season. I would really like to try the new division WPD which starts next year at the pro stages, but we’ll see…I’ll keep you posted. Here is couple of pictures from the last contest preps, I have always loved to pose and it would be great to do posing routine aswell:)

Good luck for all the competitors this weekend, see you at Lappeenranta!!!


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