Hi, my name is Minna Pajulahti and I’m IFBB Professional Fitness competitor from Finland. I live in a town called Nokia, and I work as a flight attendant.

I have been interested in sport from a very early age. I started rhythmic gymnastic when I was 8 years old. I competed in a team for almost ten years, and it gave a good background for fitness training.

In the age of 14 I got interested in cheerleading, and I’m still in it. Our team Dream Team Dancers competes in National and International competitions in cheer dance category, and we are three times Finnish Champions, last years (2007) winners in European Championships and the first runner up in World Championships (2005/2007).

I have always admired muscles and muscular, athletic and good shaped women.

I started weight training when I was 18-years old, and my goal was to compete in fitness some day. My first competition took place in 2000, and in 2001 I won the Finnish Championships in juniors and placed second in The IFBB’s juniors World Championships. At the moment I’m the Finnish fitness champion.

I train 5 times in a week in the gym, every muscle group as it owns. I like to keep my training intensity high and do lots of variations. In addition to weight training my weekly program consists of cardio, like spinning and jogging, I do also lots of intervallic-training like running the stairs, sprints and different kinds of jumps.

Fitness is a very versatile sport and it is a combination of so many thing, it is important to have enough rest, train hard, eat healthy ad have good supplements to get the best results, it is demanding but at the same time one of the reasons why fitness has become my passion.

I’m part of the Finnish coaching team called BG-professionals, and they follow my developing and see my condition regularly during a diet.

My nutrition consists mainly of protein, like chicken, cottage cheese, I like to eat also lots of vegetables and fruits.

To ensure my evolving, recovering from the training, and maintaining the muscle when dieting it is essential to have good supplements in every day nutrition. Supplements are essential when you want to be sure that your body gets everything it needs to gain results, and at the moment I’m enjoying for the best condition that I have ever have, thanks to mass.fi!

I use fat burners, vitamins, protein, loading drinks, recovery drinks, and amino acids in my nutrition. Mass.fi has given me the opportunity to achieve my goals by ensuring the right kind of supplements in to my everyday life.

When I have free time I love to relax in the sauna and maybe watch a good movie. I have three white Bolognese-dogs, and it is nice to see them playing and having fun outside, I am a huge animal lover.

My personality is outgoing and I could say that I come along with different kind of people. I’m ambitious and I have always had goals that I try to aim in life and in sport.


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